Friday, July 31, 2015

Memories in the making (summer 2015)

The girls at Lady Ballers camp have been doing so many fun activities this summer. Some of them are Tie-dye, sports, portrait painting, go-karting and so much more.

They made so many memories together and they are still continuing to make more! These memories are going to stick with them for the rest of their lives. "I know that I have made lifelong friends in all the girls" said Debbie Miller, one of the campers.

The girls have already spent 4 weeks together but they are nowhere near tired of camp. They always show up the next morning with smiles on their faces, ready to face the day planned for them. They engage in all the activities with enthusiasm and energy. This good-spirit leaves a smile on all the counsellors and volunteers faces. "I love showing up to camp everyday, just so I can see the smiles on all the campers faces", says Toyo Ajibolade, the camp coordinator.

The girls are having a blast at camp and want the world to know.

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