Sunday, May 27, 2012

12 steps to a healthier you

It is amazing how easily you can improve your state of health. You can achieve a healthier you by doing a few simple things. This is lady ballers 12 steps to a healthier you.
1. Replace sodas with water or even real fruit juices.
2.Get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each day.
3.Try to eat organic foods.
4.Add 10 extra minutes to a work-out and if you don't currently have a work-out start with 10 minutes a day.
5.Try eating a healthy amount from each food group each day.
6.Take 15 minutes a day for yourself.
7.Take less medication. If you have a headache don't go straight to the pain killers. Try taking a nap.
8.Don't watch so much television. Try reading a book or going to a news source.
9.Eat what your body needs not what your mind wants.
10.If you have a stressful lifestyle try taking a relaxing bath to calm your nerves.
11.Try blending spinach with fruits and making a healthy smoothie (trust me you don't taste the spinach),
12.Eat more whole wheat and whole grain products.

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