Sunday, January 19, 2014

Comics from camp

Hello everyone,

Lady Ballers Camp has a series of very talented staff and campers. A few of them have come together to make some comics for you! After sorting through all of them, we found two that captured our camp perfectly. We hope you enjoy them!

This first comic shows keywords that tell everyone what Lady Ballers Camp is all about: Fun, Friendship, Health, Fitness, Leadership and Teamwork. This comic is Lady Ballers Camp in a nutshell.

This next comic is one of our personal favorites over here at Lady Ballers Camp. We like it so much for 3 reasons. 1. It shows unity in all the girls at the camp which is something we strive to accomplish. 2. The comic represents the basketball aspect of the camp. We do many things but basketball will always be important. 3. How cute are the little girls in the comic?! we think this whole comic is absolutely adorable.

Well, we have showed you our favorites and hope you like them as much as we do. Thank you for reading and join us next time!

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